Hi! Thank you for visiting Dividend Pathway where I detail my pathway to financial independence!

I am new to dividend investing, but made my first stock purchase during the internet bubble in the late 90’s. Back then- CNBC was on everywhere you went- from the gym to the bar. The NASDAQ was roaring and I planned to be a millionaire in months. Needless to say- my dreams crashed at the same time as the stock market.

Over the past couple decades- I fell into the typical American spending habits of taking on too much debt and sacrificing the future to finance purchases now. I realized a few months ago as the pandemic started to sweep across the country my finances were a disaster. Tens of thousands of dollars in debt and very little saved for retirement, combined with no emergency fund. I got very serious, very fast about my financial future.

I spent the next few weeks researching different investment styles to determine my comfort level. My goal is to invest for retirement, while methodically paying down debt, save cash in an emergency fund and achieve financial independence over the next two decades. What I discovered was- dividend investing is my sweet spot. I like the idea of funding part of my retirement with a steady stream of annual income paid to me by blue chip companies. I continued to devour everything I could find on dividend investing and began to sharpen my plan.

I decided to blog my path to retirement. There are many excellent places to read about dividend investing- my hope is that I eventually join them. One common thread among the sites I was reading- they were all mature websites- with large portfolios, dozens of stocks and hundreds of posts. I felt overwhelmed and so far behind the rest of the bloggers- my enthusiasm was dampened. I want to provide readers who find themselves in the same position as me a pathway to financial security. I am the first to admit- I am still learning and will make mistakes, but I want to document how I was able to get out of debt while still working on an investment plan. Hopefully I am able to help people realize the journey to a big portfolio with thousands of dollars in dividend payments starts by purchasing their first stock, with the money they scrape together.

Join me on my pathway to retirement!

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